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3Com manufactures equipment that acts as the communications backbone for global enterprises. In this competitive market, the energy efficiency of networking devices has become the latest in a long line of competitive contests. Anticipating demand for progressive corporate responsibility, 3Com commissioned Forward Mapworks to scan the industry for competitive movement and indications of customer demand trends with regards to more holistic organizational sustainability.

We began by conducting a high-level benchmarking audit to identify 3Com's current performance across an array of organizational sustainability metrics. This was followed by research on recent customer buying behavior and competitive posturing in sustainability. With this information in-hand, 3Com leadership was poised to enact a strategy that prioritized initiatives by market demand, competitive advantage, and relative internal performance.






Ecosystem Mapping, Sustainable Systems Design

Gathering intelligence on corporate responsibility activity in the enterprise network equipment industry and structuring decision models that prioritize initiatives for maximum competitive advantage.

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