Forward Mapworks


We are strategists.

We partner with people and organizations, large and small, start-up and established, to discovery and design paths toward ideal outcomes for the greatest social and economic benefit.

Cofounded by John Bruce and Jake Bryant, Forward Mapworks utilizes a design approach to strategies for creative intervention.

Maps for insight and effective engagement.

Complexity is our 21st century reality. Smart paths forward can be discovered in counter-intuitive places. You just need to know how and where to look.

Tomorrow's leaders are cutting through today's noisy landscape to reach audiences and secure mindshare that matters. Elevated sales performance comes from understanding value, recognizing leverage, activating connections, and managing execution within your ecosystem.

We focus and enact your vision with empathetic acuity and whole-systems thinking.

Strategy to elevate decisions and deliver results in a new economy.

We work with forward-focused leaders to design high-performance initiatives.

Whether you are launching a new line of business, seeking clarity about emergent changes in your market, looking for new ways to consistently create and deliver value for customers, or endeavoring to tell a more effective story about your brand, confident decisions are the foundation of high-performing execution.

Whole-Systems thinking and mapping informs our strategic approach toward contextual and actionable insight. Our Rapid Burst Discovery™ method jump starts the process, identifying salient features of an ecosystem to reveal areas of high potential leverage. Our program design and execution meet both urgent needs and evolving future conditions.

Ecosystem Market Analysis • Brand Asset Mapping • Sales Process Optimization • Whole Value Programming • Cartography for Whole-Systems Leadership • Branding and Positioning • Messaging • Campaign Outreach • Transmedia • Performance Metrics and Incentives

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