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Airline Partner

This client is considered among the most environmentally and socially responsible airlines in the world, with a proactive employee base that develops many of the organization's most effectual sustainability initiatives. Nevertheless, airlines today face fierce competition and risks associated with volatile oil prices, making operational efficiency a strategic imperative. Recognizing the passion and initiative within its ranks, we were asked to find ways to empower employees while maintaining a focus on efficiency.

Working alongside an established internal team, Forward Mapworks conducted interviews to better understand the epicenters of employee enthusiasm about issues of sustainability. Having identified key internal influencers and first mover groups, we scanned for overlap between employee enthusiasm and their functional efficiency mandates. Once revealed, we assisted employees in the development of suitable metrics and communication strategies to ensure the success of their newfound sustainability opportunities.


Airline Partner (Anonymous)




Ecosystem Mapping, Sustainable Systems Design

Leveraging employee enthusiasm for sustainability to catalyze critical cost-saving initiatives and measurable efficiency enhancements.

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