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Personal Blackbox

The mission of Personal Blackbox is to champion Personal Data Independence – enabling the freedom and opportunity for everyone to own and access the data they create and use it without loss of privacy, control or value.

The individual data set – the Quantified Self, is gaining tremendous value. Our lives are continuously measured as our actions are tracked and recorded. We give up our rights when we accept terms and allow for our data to be exploited by others. The typical person creates 1.8 million megabytes of data yearly. Marketers pay $2 billion yearly for third-party data, and many more billions of dollars for analytics. Big data breaches and personal identity theft are at an all-time high.

Forward Mapworks, with Strugatz Ventures, worked to map the paradigm shift that has emerged regarding personal data independence. The shift has been motivated by several factors: the ever-increasing breadth and volume of data collected, the dramatic rise in costly data security breaches, and the elevated market value and demand for effective data insight. Forward Mapworks and Strugatz Ventures also worked to clearly articulate the value proposition of Personal BlackBox products and services for their Series B round of capital fund raising. This start-up, with board members including Bruce Mau, is poised to be a critical game-changer in our data-driven futures.


Personal Blackbox




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