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Fair Trade USA established the initiative Fair Trade Towns to ignite and shepherd local fair trade programs across America – town by town. Their objective is to leverage the capacity and desire of local stakeholders interested in fair trade by bringing clarity and utility to the many aspects of the movement.

Forward Mapworks partnered with Free Range Studios during their design of a new Fair Trade Towns website working to fuel nationwide participation by both with new and existing towns. Forward Mapworks identified contextual storytelling elements that functioned as gateways to new and deeper engagement with fair trade issues, products, and processes. Through a careful segmentation and profiling of audience constellation, Forward Mapworks designed positioning and social network outreach strategies that optimize a storytelling approach for effective peer-to-peer advocacy. Similar to the time-tested value of the oral tradition of sharing experiences, meaningful online social sharing sparked community growth with dozens of new Fair Trade Towns joining the movement.


Fair Trade USA




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