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Award-winning DC and Berkeley-based design firm, Free Range Studios, are storytellers known for game-changing work such as "The Meatrix" and "The Story of Stuff". The default mantra, "If you build it, they will come," does not apply to websites, videos or other online/offline messaging platforms. On average, a person is bombarded with 5,000 messages per day. The job of connecting an organization's value proposition with its target audience is a complex task today despite a wealth of communications technology.

Forward Mapworks partners with Free Range to provide the strategic foundation on which to build successful communication platforms. Our whole systems discovery, mapping, and program design optimizes Free Range project strategies by identifying ecosystems, segmenting and profiling audiences, revealing leverage points, refining measurable goals and positioning, creating key messaging, and clarifying design directives. Recent clients include: Remapping Debate, an online journal; Many Voices, a resource for welcoming LGBT in faith communities; Fair Trade Towns, a project of Fair Trade USA; Active Voice's Shelbyville, A transmedia campaign for immigration integration; NoVo Foundation's initiative Move To End Violence, and Weatherization Plus Health, a project of NASCSP and the Department of Energy.


Free Range Studios




Brand Identity, Ecosystem Mapping, New Ventures, Market Engagement, Organization Strategy

Interpreting complex client objectives and translating them into actionable design directives, setting client and creatives on a shared path to measurable success.

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