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Global Round Table Leadership

Lori Hanau is the founder of Global Round Table Leadership (GRTL). To quote GRTL,

"Our work is to turn the table from relating first through our roles, status and expertise to relating first through the natural brilliance of our humanity. Once a group or team has had an experience of the power of this re-orientation, we rise into an even higher expression of ourselves—individually and collectively. When we gather in this way, we receive immeasurable intelligence and creativity."

Operationalizing this enormous and noble idea required more than a manifesto and set of instructions. Hanau collaborated with Forward Mapworks to map the vast historical, cultural, and psycho-social landscape that impacts motivations and behaviors in and around this space. Based on the research by Forward Mapworks, Hanau and her team have designed visceral experiences for unique workshops and events. Hanau has facilitated such events with corporations, networks, and educational institutions, including Yale University and Parsons School of Design Strategies.


Global Round Table Leadership




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