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IceStone Market Engagement Project

IceStone manufactures durable surfaces made from recycled glass and concrete. After growing at a rate of 100% annually for its first five years, the organization experienced a sudden and dramatic drop in sales revenues. Unable to pinpoint any internal causes for the performance gap, Forward Mapworks conducted a whole-systems review of the company's market landscape and sales processes. Findings indicated seven key leverage points that would offer IceStone opportunities to improve both the volume and predictability of revenues -- ranging from channel partner program design to internal sales process adjustments to sales software workflow changes. In the end, President & CEO Michelle Gibson had this to say about her experience:

"When an economic downturn presented our business with new and complex challenges, Forward Mapworks strategists designed unique visual maps, tools, and programs that were instrumental to how we navigated a crucial moment in our company's evolution. Responsive, high-touch, and genuinely devoted to our success, Forward Mapworks is our go-to partner for innovative, insightful strategy."


IceStone Market Engagement project




Market Engagement

Triangulating the shifts occurring within the durable surfaces market to create a high-performing sales organization that understands the needs of customers.

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