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IceStone Recycled Glass Project

IceStone manufactures durable surfaces made from recycled glass and concrete. Growing at a rate of 100% annually and having achieved Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, the company turned its attention to the sourcing of its primary input -- glass cullet. Contamination risk and aggregate shortages have the potential to adversely impact production by causing irregularities in the flow of input materials... and with order volume growing at record rates, this is a chance IceStone cannot afford to take.

Forward Mapworks began by charting the recycled glass landscape, examining the connectedness of collection methods, processing technology, quality standards, and supplier relationships. By understanding the linkages between these elements, we uncovered new and innovative opportunities for IceStone to close the loop on waste while reducing production risk and improving the flow of source materials.


IceStone Recycled Glass project




Ecosystem Mapping, Sustainable Systems Design

Designing recycling system interventions that can secure and stabilize the supply of primary raw materials used to manufacture award-winning, earth-friendly countertops.

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