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Indicant Media

New media studio Indicant produces short-form episodic fiction that engages audiences on contemporary social and environmental issues in fresh, provocative ways. Recognizing the inertia continuing to build around emergent content formats and alternative online distribution channels, they saw an opportunity to reach viewers on new levels that could yield widespread positive behavioral change.

To begin mapping this effort, we first examined the historical landscape of education entertainment and social message marketing. By understanding the nature of para-social relationships, we gained insight into the critical system conditions that catalyze effective storytelling. We then worked with Indicant to reconceive sponsorship models, distribution processes, feedback metrics, and dialogical community-building that, when integrated, resulted in a message-optimized storytelling platform.


Indicant Media




Transmedia, New Venture, Ecosystem Mapping, New Venture, Ecosystem Mapping

Telling stories that stand out in a cluttered media landscape to engage audiences and invite participation, with measurable results and positive behavioral change.

New York Office 126 Greene Ave Suite 4N Brooklyn, NY 11238

+1 (206) 395-MAPS (6277)