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The Light Phone

The Light Phone is a credit-card sized phone that uses your existing phone number, and works as a supplement to your smartphone. It allows you to leave your smartphone behind with peace of mind knowing that you can still reach and be reached by those that matter most.

So much of what is designed today moves us towards more "connectedness", fighting for more of our attention and more of our increasingly limited time. Multitasking is a myth, and the constant stream of notifications and distractions is making us exhausted. These products are engineered in ways that use our vulnerabilities against us.

The Light Phone is designed to be used as little as possible. It is your phone away from phone.

The Light Phone encourages focus and productivity, relaxation and quality time with friends and family, and valuable moments of solitude, self-reflection, clarity, and joy. Take the Light Phone on adventures or outdoor activity without having to risk your smartphone. A great first phone for children with special features in the app for parents, or a general back up phone that lasts a week and lives invisibly by your side at all times.

The Light Phone is the combination of beautiful hardware and a patent pending software platform that powers the experience. The Light Phone's intelligence is in our cloud software - built in partnership and tested at an enterprise scale with AT&T. Our unique solution, designed by members of the Light Phone executive team, always uses your existing number making the Light Phone a seamless extension that runs off the affordable and universal 2G network.

Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturer, is actively engaged in the production of the Light Phone, with the first set of fully functioning phones due Q1 '16. Tropo, a global telecom. API (acq. by Cisco), powers the connectivity of our SIMs. Targeted launch is mid 2016.

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The Light Phone


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