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Many Voices

Established author Ann Thompson Cook and Reverend Cedric Harmon had a vision of creating an online platform for welcoming all people on the full spectrum of sexual preference and gender identity within communities of faith. Cook and Harmon understood the need for careful branding and outreach strategies in order for their mission to succeed.

Forward Mapworks partnered with these social entrepreneurs to refine the brand identity for the launch and growth of Through interviews and creative exercises that explored the psychographic dimensions of their intended audience, Forward Mapworks mapped the delicate ecosystem of welcoming LGBT within faith. A deep understanding of semiotics allowed for the design of a brand guide, including the development of a succinct value proposition, tagline, key language, and messaging practices. Forward Mapworks also created the blueprints for short- and long-term market engagement, including social media outreach, strategic partner coalitions, and the design of video testimonials building toward an eventual transmedia platform.


Many Voices




New Venture, Brand Identity, Organization Strategy

Navigating delicate ecosystems to map high leverage paths for welcoming a full spectrum of participants to grow diverse and resilient communities.

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