Forward Mapworks

The ReUse Network

The ReUse Network connects a diverse array of vendors and consumers of reusable products, making it easy for them to find one another and transact. As an early-stage venture, The ReUse Network had limited resources with which to launch and grow its brand. In order to make sound decisions about how to grow, it would be critical for the organization to understand the psychology of reuse, and identify the leverage points for successful entry into initial markets.

Forward Mapworks surveyed both the consumer and vendor landscapes to identify relevant segmentations of participants, based on their market behaviors. With a wider view of each constituent's needs, The ReUse Network could facilitate new connections between previously disconnected participants, creating net new value without net new consumption. The systems mapping that followed revealed that unexpected successful transactions formed a strong positive word-of-mouth loop. When paired with social web tools in its online community, this could slingshot the company's early adoption.


ReUse Portland




Ecosystem Mapping, Brand Identity, Sustainable Systems Design

Mapping the vast network of buyers and sellers engaged in the reuse economy, and finding ways for Main Street to transact like Wall Street.

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