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Vancouver Observer

The Vancouver Observer is an online journal helmed by journalist-turned-publisher Linda Solomon. Based in Vancouver, BC, their reach is increasingly national and international, with readership doubling in the past year. Outside of the corporate conglomerate media landscape in Canada, the Vancouver Observer has an unfettered commitment to reporting diverse perspectives and telling stories that matter.

When Solomon sought to carefully focus the brand identity by aligning core values, goals, and key messaging, Forward Mapworks facilitated a Rapid Burst Discovery session with the entire Vancouver Observer team, jump-starting the process with deep, participatory co-creative force. Through a series of creative exercises and iterative ideation, the Vancouver Observer successfully refined their brand story to leverage the spotlight cast upon their organization as winners of the 2012 Canadian Journalism Foundation's Award for Excellence.


Vancouver Observer




Brand Identity, Ecosystem Mapping, Market Engagement, Organization Strategy

Fine-tuning a brand story to maximize target audience exposure, impact, and engagement amidst a prime moment of national recognition and heightened public awareness.

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